A comprehensive marketing campaign designed to increase ticket sales for Latin events.
SOCIAL plan features
  • A dedicated Landing Page featuring all the event´s information.
  • Includes event flyer, contact info, ticket sale, Google map, Spotify, Facebook and Youtube widgets, social sharing and more.
  • Mobile version and Search Engine Optimization.
Social Media Advertising
  • 30 days of Paid Social Media advertising.
  • Facebook and Instagram awareness and traffic generators.
  • 1 Custom audience segmentation.
  • 1 Custom Ad copy and image creation.
  • Daily monitoring and improvements.
Content Marketing
  • 2 or more Cover Stories or interviews: initial announcement, interview or featured band news, event date reminder.
  • 2 Organic Posts on our Social Media accounts.
  • SEO Optimization and links to your Promo Page.
  • 2 or more inserts in our weekly Newsletter: one announcement on launch date, one reminder near event date.
  • Links to your editorial articles, interviews, or artist news posted on our site increasing readership and visibility.
Search Engine Optimization
  • We optimize all your online assets to appear on Google when they search for your event.
  • Reap the benefits of being part of our website and Domain Name ranking.
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Next steps:
Have a call with one of our Account Managers so we can talk about your event.
Next, our designers, writers and creative team will get to work on your Social Plan.
Your online assets start getting traffic and your event ticket sales goes up.
After signing up, you will be assigned an Account Manager. Our whole team of experts will always be available to ensure the success of your campaign.
Add a SOCIAL Plan to your marketing mix and let us join your efforts to achieve that much-anticipated Sold Out.
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