Own our website for a few days!
$499 /day
$1,750 /week (plus get a free SOCIAL plan)

It is impossible not to find out about your event with a Takeover. Your advertising will be visible in our most prominent ad spaces (excluding sponsored pages) for the campaign duration.

Campaign specifications:

  • Billboard Banner 960×250 above all contents on desktop.
  • Billboard Banner 320×250 above all contents on mobile.
  • Bigbox Higher Banner 300×250 on desktop and mobile.
  • Halfpage Banner 300×600 on desktop and mobile.
  • Sticky Footer Banner 728×90 fixed at the bottom of the browser on desktop.
  • Sticky Footer Banner 320×100 fixed at the bottom of the browser on mobile.
  • Top news box fixed on our homepage for the duration of the campaign.

We need 3 days in advance for campaign preparation.

Advertiser may change their ads once during a 1 to 7 days campaign.

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