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Your very own Blog.
$150 /mo (1 Blog posting per month)
$499 /mo (Weekly Blog postings)

Become an authority on your topic by showcasing your expertise with weekly or monthly publications.
As a frecuent monthly advertiser, we will group all your Sponsored Articles together on your own Branded Blog. 

  • Join our website’s list of expert bloggers and show authority on your topic.
  • Drive traffic toward your Landing Page or website with links from your publications.
  • Be published on our reputable web portal to improve your brand’s Search Engine Optimization.
  • Showcase your articles on one easy-to-find, easy-to-read web space.
  • Add an extra lead-generating channel to your digital marketing mix.
  • Feature Contact Form, Call, Chat and Email buttons on all article pages.
  • Choose between 1 or 4 blog postings per month.

Get a "Branded Blog" included with any multi-month SOCIAL or PARTNER plan purchase, or become our guest Blogger with weekly or monthly publications.

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